About us

At the heart of Whatever Whatever is a story of joy, perseverance and a lot of creativity. It all started in February 2019, when Fede Annitto, a tireless dreamer, decided to turn her love for decoration and design into something tangible. With just 2 small machines and a designer, he began in his garage to bring his vision to life.

Fede and his team of two people (among them, his beloved fat man) gave themselves over to developing ideas to create unique projects full of quality. But just when fate promised them a new space, reality took an unexpected turn.

In March 2020, just a week before moving to a place with more space, the pandemic hit without warning. However, rather than let obstacles keep them from moving forward, Fede and his team found a way to reinvent themselves. Using their ingenuity and adaptability, they embarked on continuing to create…

It was then that they decided to choose fun despite the difficult times the world was experiencing. They decided to think about the family and began to create games for the home using foamboard and vinyl. From custom puzzles to themed board games. As their creations found their place in homes, the spirit of Whatever Whatever grew stronger.

While exploring emerging trends in special events, they discovered a growing demand: themed yard signs. Featuring custom designs and festive messages, these decorative signs became the latest holiday sensation. And it was how we began to be recognized in the world of decorations for events.

Today, the Whatever Whatever story has evolved and woven into family threads. What started as a home garage startup has grown into a thriving business and extended family of over 30 people. “It's not about having a successful business, Whatever Whatever is a family of creative and talented minds that complement each other.

This team of designers, print experts, installers, administrative staff, and customer service professionals has become the backbone of Whatever. Each member brings their unique talent and commitment to excellence, working together to exceed our clients' expectations and bring their visions to life.

Today, Whatever Whatever has become the leading print shop specializing in decorations and events. Each creation carries with it the story of its beginnings and the resilience that has led them to overcome any obstacle.

Our love and attention to detail in what we create sets us apart, and each project we develop is an opportunity to make your celebrations unique and full of magic.

We are proud to be part of your memories and we are excited to continue writing this story together. Join us on this exciting adventure and discover how Whatever Whatever can make your events truly memorable.